What it is

"Rust on Canvas" represents an evolution from painting into a new medium. It was discovered by Don Baker through his interest in discarded metal objects which are rapidly disappearing from the American landscape.

These old, seemingly mundane, metal objects from our daily lives, like license plates, typewriters, and various discarded machines and appliances found in junk yards and flea markets, take on a new life when disassembled and then reassembled on canvas.

The uniqueness of this art form is that a three dimensional metal object is resurrected into a two dimensional impression, while still maintaining the integrity of its original form.


How it´s made

Bug in ProgressThe first step in the process is finding the object. Don spends a great deal of time searching for subject matter which has the graphic potential. Here is the Volkswagen used in his VW project.





Cutting the Bug The next step is the disassembling of the object. Here, using an acetylene cutting torch, Don cuts the car into workable pieces






Reassemble the BugThe third step is the reassembling and the arranging of the pieces to determine the canvas size and create the composition of the final piece





Cutting the Bug Then, the individual parts are cleaned, stripped down to the bare metal and placed on the prepared canvas. They are held in place with weights and watered to begin the rusting process, which requires 5 to 7 weeks to accomplish.




The final composition, ready to be sealed and framed.

Final Work